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A collection of links to other sites that deals with 419 scams and other kinds of online fraud in one way or another.



One of the worlds largest scambaiting communities, if not the largest. Scambaiters from all over the world come together at this site, and share their adventures with exotic businessmen, orphans, Nigerian barristers and lovesick women from Eastern Europe on the sites very active forum. Also deals with site killing, and to a lesser extent, romance scams.



419 Eaterís sister site. Specializes in victim warning, advice and other forms of support for victims of online scam. Does NOT deal with scambaiting, and discussions of baits are frowned upon, due to consideration of the victims that comes to the site.

A lad mail publiced here at Scambaiterís Toolbox are likely to be found at Scamwarners.com, too.



Smaller scambaiting site with less strict rules, posting rules and general baiting code than most other scambaiting sites. Forum in English as well as French. A good supplement to other sites.



A scambaiting website for publishing baits, and also a good source for scam- and scambaiting related links, as well as scambaiting scripts.



Another site that deals with victims of scams. Scamsurvivors is a rather new but quickly growing site, partly run by expierienced scambaiters, and partly by people who are victims of scams themselves. The site has a forum and a chatroom where victims ó potential as well as actual ó can seek counselling.



A third site that deals with victims of scams. Scam Victims United is founded and run by two former victims of 419 fraud. The site focuses not only on victim support and scam awareness, but also baiting.



Scambaiting site that also posts scammer maillists for scambaiting purposes, as well as the owner publishes his own baits at the site. Has been inactive since February 2012 for unknown reasons, but is still worth a visit.



A website dedicated to scambaiting. 419 Hell used to have a forum, but these days it has closed down. But it still has a lot of information about scambaiting and 419 scams, just as the owner uses it for publishing own baits.



A classic website about scambaiting run by a long time baiter. The site owner posts her own baits there, just as well as some good information about the internet scam phenomenon.



Another classic scambaiting website, that has been the inspiration for many baiters. Has a load of the site owners baits published on the site.



A blog that publishes idiotic and hillarious things they get from scammers ó whether it is idiotic scam formats, funny photos or photochops, phone calls. If a lad ridicules himself, they publish it.

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