Generators and translators


- A scambaiting tool collection

The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator


Online generator that lets you create your own newspaper article. Perfect for convincing your lad of your insane story.




Magazine Cover


Make your own cover of your own magazine. Lets you use a picture of your own choice ó maybe your lad is hungry for fame?



Funny Newspaper Generator


This online generator not only lets you create your own newspaper article, but also lets you use your own photo to go with the article.



Newspaper Headline Generator


Online newspaper headline generator. Doesnít let you write the article yourself

Google Translate


Allthough not perfect, this google service will give you a rough idea of what a text in a given language says. Used abundantly by lads.



Babel Fish


A classic online translator. Doesnít work as good as Google, which makes it perfect for confusing lads. Run your text through 3-4 different languages, then translate it back to English and send the nonsense to your lad.





Another fun translator. Translates your text into either Swedish Chef, Jive, Valley Girl or Pig Latinóor all of them at the same time! Great tool to cause confusion in ladland.



Mugu Translator


Translate English-to-Lad and Lad-to-English. Excellent tool. Among other translation options, English-to-Pirate and English-to-Twit are noteworthy.



The Dialectizer


Like the above. Hillarious translator, guaranteed to confuse your lad. Lets you choose between Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin or Hacker.




Fake Concert Ticket Generator


Creates fake concert tickets.



Creates a fake boarding pass for most major airlines.

Chrisí NWA Boarding Pass Generator


Creates a fake boarding pass for Northwest Airline.

Gibberish Generator


Transforms any text to ó yup, you guessed it... gibberish!



Ebonics Translator


Translates your text to a parody of Ebonics.



Online Hieroglyphic Generator


Transforms any text to hieroglyphs.



Morse Code Translator


Transforms your text to morse code and vice versa.




Nonsense Word Generator


Creates a list of purely nonsensical words.


Fake Name Generator


If youíre uninspired, lazy or just canít be bothered, use this generator to create a fake identity for your baiting persona.

Scott Pakinís Complaint Letter Generator


Use this generator to make a complaint letter to send to your lad.

My Live Signature


Create a signature for documents you are sending to your lad.

Silly Name Generator


Generates a (very) silly name for your character.

Tombstone Generator


Planning to off your character? Use this generator to create your very own tombstone to send to your lad as proof.

Ransom Note Generator


Maybe youíre planning to have your character kidnapped? With this generator, you can create a ransom note to send to your lad.


A vast collection of sign generators for nearly any occasion. Churches, trailer parks, road signs... Every sign a baiter could dream for.



Chuch Sign Generator


Perfect for the church baiter. Creates a church sign to send your lad to show whatís going on in the community.



Windows Error Message Generator


Use it to prove to your lad that his attachment makes your computer act weird.

Bus Sign Generator


Generates a bus advert with a text of your choice.




Costum Receipt Maker


Generate a receipt to send your lad.



Fake Receipts


Generate a receipt to send your lad.



Ultimate Online Receipt Generator


Generate a receipt to send your lad.



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Letís you choose between a huge amount of templates to make your own billboard.