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This section is for the truly creative side of baiting twisted and evil inventions, scripts and concept conceived by baiters with the sole purpose of making lige miserable to lads and vlads. This is where the true excellence of baiters is expressed.


Note: Everything posted in this section is posted with the consent of the creator, with the possible exception of a few select modalities existing in the open (outside logins). Also note, that while we have taken a few liberties in the case of forms and receipts, we will not place anything in this particular section against the will of the creators, even though this site is hidden from search engines.

Church of TWAT

Creators: YeaWhatever & BigWorm


Church of the The Watchtower Apocalyptic Testament is a legendary baiter church, infamous for tattoos and pyramids. Over the years, the modality has grown and expanded, and has been passed on to new, ingenious baiters. A good choice for the church you want your lad to join. Get TWAT for Dummies everything you need for a good church bait, and more. Click image for PDF containing links to everything you need to run the bait.



Gary Conservatory

Creator: Peanut


Gary Conservatory can offer a scolarship for your lad. All he has to do is to fill out a number of forms. If he ever gets through, he is ready to be safaried to the money. Click image for canned modality with forms and documents for the lad.