- A scambaiting tool collection


This is a collection of useful tools and tricks for scambaiting. The purpose of this site is to preserve and share all kinds of useful tools and tricks for scambaiting.

Click the menu items at the left to access the various tool sections.


This library is for baiters to use in their fight against scamming. Some of the tools are publically accessible resources on the

internet (generators, translators, maps etc), while others are specially made by fellow baiters to create frustration in Ladland.


Use any tool you find here wisely.


We wish you happy baiting and may you cause great pain to lads.If you have any tools not listed here or any broken links, please let us know.


Dharma & TheDane

2013, August: Work on the new site version has been picked up again:


2013, July: The development of a scam email database has been initiated. More updates on this topic will appear here in the news sectikon when relevant.


2013, February: TheDane is no longer unemployed, which has the unfortunate side effect, that Version 2 of the website is delayed.


2012, September to January 2013: Since last update TheDane has been working tirelessly to keep database of lad email up to date. We know that lads discard email addresses and make new ones so TheDane's efforts are vital to the continued usefullness of ths site. Not only does he extract the email address he also runs checks to confirm that the email is from a scammer.


Maybe he should be awarded a special accolade for his contribution to The Scam Baiters Toolbox.


2012, September 8: A couple of baits suddently went hot and resulted in all kinds of action (you can read more at www.419eater.com), so I didn�t have time to update this spot here. But The site is largely ready for publishing � menu system has been fine polished, MuzunguTheHuntress helped us with a bit of copywriting, and Dharma has been talking to people. There is still a lot of tools to add to the site, but that will be dealt with through updates in the near future. Seems like we wil be ready to go live tomorrow, Sunday September 9th.


2012, August 25: After a couple of days of baiting, The Dane has been working on-off for a couple of days. Menu has been expanded and re-organized, Forms has been updated, and receipts and Passports are not online. Mail addresses for the site has been set up and are now working. Feel free to mail us. Dharma is down with allergy. Insists that he wants to help, then goes off to bed with a cup of green tea.


2012, August 20: A little after midnight CET, the first version of the site goes live for the first time. It will never win any beauty competitions, but it is working and serves it�s purpose. All your base are belong to us.


2012, August 19: TheDane tests the site for the first time. It mostly works. Dharma finds a new domain hosts and buys domain name. Screw the Indians. TheDane struggles with a menu feature in Publisher, gives up, and makes his own website menu buttons. Neither he or Dharma can figure out how to setup the domainname, so Dharma baits costumers service into doing it for them.


2012, August 18: TheDane finishes the basic site design (still not an oustanding beauty, but it works), and starts trawling for forms and tools. Dharma�s bitching about the Indian domain has reached a climax, and he starts looking for as new domain host.


2012, August 17: TheDane is bored, and finally decides to do something about the Toolbox idea. Dharma bitches some more about the Indian Domain hosts.


2012, July: TheDane starts making a site template, but has yet no idea what the contents will be. He has often wondered why we aren�t better at keeping track of tools, forms etc., and begins to consider making a site that should work as a �toolbox� for scambaiters. But it�s a lot of work, there are tons of tools and stuff spread all over the internet, and Tour de France is on the telly, and after that, the Olympics. So not right now, ok? Meanwhile, Dharma commences his bitching about the Indian domain hosts.


2012, June: TheDane is done thinking, and still doesn�t know what to do with the domain. And Euro 2012 is on the telly, so screw it for now. Meanwhile, Dharma bitches about the Indian domain hosts.


2012, March: Dharma throws a domain at TheDane and says �make something cool and useful�. TheDane takes the bait and starts to think.


We don�t know where to start saying thanks to all the fine baiters who have created these wonderful tools. In many cases, the identity of the brilliant creators are losts in the mists of time. We would still like to say thanks to all the fine baiters around the globe who have ever created a tool for scambaiting, and an equally big thanks to all the brilliantly twisted scambaiters who put them to good use.

There are a few we would like to name, though: Nurse Nasty, Obi-Wan�s Beer Fridge and Marvinator are three legendary baiters behind a large part of the forms we have preserved here on this forum. A big thanks to them � they are the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.


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